I bought a car and I’m blown away

Two weeks ago I was driving home from work. I glanced at the dashboard and blankly acknowledged the low tire pressure light that wouldn’t turn off. I’d had the car for 9 years. I named it Jules. (This paragraph is starting to sound like a Liberty Mutual commercial). I knew I needed a new car. I was waiting for… an urgent reason to buy one. I turned onto another street and the car started to rumble. My attention was split: what God awful thing is caught under my car and I have to slow down to avoid an accident. You know it’s a bad sign when you dread red lights. The metallic grinding sound worsened and I nervously called my husband. This part of the story ends with the car being towed to our home and 2 weeks of using my husband’s car (it frustrated us both) was enough to get me to my new car purchase today.

2017 is my 0-1 Year for launching Shearly Organized. I love feeling organized. I love feeling confident that I know where the information is that you need. I love teaching you how to get organized. This year I am learning how to build beautiful helpful systems for myself so then I can teach you and be compensated for my services.

The first paragraph relates to the second because I had no idea what kind of new car I wanted. My criteria was a backup camera, (they come standard in cars now, yay!) family safe, great consumer rating, less room in the trunk (I want to avoid clutter opportunities) a moon roof and a fun color that I love. A spreadsheet was made for me with the manufacturer’s name and the models. I was advised to create a rating system. 1-10. 1 was no way, 10 was this is my new car. 

I test drove the Subaru Impreza, Ford Focus, and the Honda Civic. Honda Civic is a pimpin’ car. I laughed the entire test drive because I felt like a guy lookin’ to get lucky in it. The Ford Focus was cool. I kept coming back to the Impreza; I rated it 6.5. Today I bought it in Teal and named it Jade.

Being organized helped me find my new car. Last night I pulled one of my credit reports and took a glance to make sure nothing would surprise me when the finance department at the dealership did the same. I feel at peace and proud of myself. I borrowed a portion of funds from myself (a fantastic free amortization schedule is on my desk) and I owe a small amount to a bank.

Being organized is knowing how to repay a loan faster, eating healthier to save money and knowing that your future is safer because you bought a car you love that you needed.

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