E-mail Organization

Today with my husband’s help I deleted one of my e-mail accounts. It was part of a Valentine’s Day gift. He hangs out with me while I delete e-mail.

I like tangible things. Things I can touch, move around with my hands. E-mail is a struggle for me. I never feel I have the time to read the message of an e-mail, especially if it has something to do with organization. I want to store the organizing information instead of learning it and using it – ooo that’s a good aha moment for me!

I liked the strategy I used today. We started at the oldest e-mail and I selected everything. I un-clicked the emails that needed to survive the purge. I went from 564 e-mails to 65.

Start with the trash and get rid of it.

Do you need to respond to it or schedule it?

Star it * only if you are 100% returning to it in the next 24-48 hours. Rinse and repeat.

I’m working on changing my delayed-decision making. I’ll come back to it and then I never do.

I am Shearly Organized one e-mail at a time.

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