The Organizer: Day 2

“Hello Jacob”
“Are you sitting down?”
My brother has always been a straight-to-the-point guy.
“Yes, I’m filing.”
“Oh. Good. Good practice for you when you get here.

His words stung me like a fishing hook scraping my mouth and reeling me forcefully in.
“Why do I need practice at a skill I use every working day…”

The Organizer: Chapter 1

March 6, 2015 – I died today. An old Polish neighbor we had growing up once told me in broken English, the moment we are born, the way we die has already been determined. Well screw that! I want a do-over. I’m in a void, not quite there, not quite here. It doesn’t really matter how it happened. What matters is that I never got to tell her.

I was taming the paper tiger when my phone rang. Filing is the task everyone hates. You’re either paper or you’re electronic. When processing the mail or filing you’re weeding out the bills and important tax documents and making sure each decision you make is the right one. Second guessing is the bumper-to-bumper traffic of organizing. I’ve always been a paper person myself.  I was feeling accomplished in the moments before the call. My folders were organized by color: red are bills to be paid, with the due date scheduled on the calendar. Green is banking statements and financial documents. Blue is client lists and correspondence. Yellow is event planning and marketing materials. I was holding a picture of us taken in our childhood bedroom when my phone started ringing. My vision was glued to the background of the image. We’d been getting along well most of the day until I couldn’t find a book I wanted to read. My side of the room was always neat, clean and well-organized. Her side was a tornado after an earthquake had hit. My face was sour and tight with subdued rage. Her eyes were puffy and her nose red. She’d screamed and cried.  I was angry because I couldn’t find what was mine in her mess. We had an arm around each other and our expressions declared it was forced. I had 2 more rings left until the call would be sent to voicemail. Jacob was waiting for me to answer. He wouldn’t leave a voicemail. I placed the picture in front of the folders. I couldn’t decide which folder she belonged in. I made a silent promise to call her and remind her about that day, this time hopefully only with shared laughter.



I bought a car and I’m blown away

Two weeks ago I was driving home from work. I glanced at the dashboard and blankly acknowledged the low tire pressure light that wouldn’t turn off. I’d had the car for 9 years. I named it Jules. (This paragraph is starting to sound like a Liberty Mutual commercial). I knew I needed a new car. I was waiting for… an urgent reason to buy one. I turned onto another street and the car started to rumble. My attention was split: what God awful thing is caught under my car and I have to slow down to avoid an accident. You know it’s a bad sign when you dread red lights. The metallic grinding sound worsened and I nervously called my husband. This part of the story ends with the car being towed to our home and 2 weeks of using my husband’s car (it frustrated us both) was enough to get me to my new car purchase today.

2017 is my 0-1 Year for launching Shearly Organized. I love feeling organized. I love feeling confident that I know where the information is that you need. I love teaching you how to get organized. This year I am learning how to build beautiful helpful systems for myself so then I can teach you and be compensated for my services.

The first paragraph relates to the second because I had no idea what kind of new car I wanted. My criteria was a backup camera, (they come standard in cars now, yay!) family safe, great consumer rating, less room in the trunk (I want to avoid clutter opportunities) a moon roof and a fun color that I love. A spreadsheet was made for me with the manufacturer’s name and the models. I was advised to create a rating system. 1-10. 1 was no way, 10 was this is my new car. 

I test drove the Subaru Impreza, Ford Focus, and the Honda Civic. Honda Civic is a pimpin’ car. I laughed the entire test drive because I felt like a guy lookin’ to get lucky in it. The Ford Focus was cool. I kept coming back to the Impreza; I rated it 6.5. Today I bought it in Teal and named it Jade.

Being organized helped me find my new car. Last night I pulled one of my credit reports and took a glance to make sure nothing would surprise me when the finance department at the dealership did the same. I feel at peace and proud of myself. I borrowed a portion of funds from myself (a fantastic free amortization schedule is on my desk) and I owe a small amount to a bank.

Being organized is knowing how to repay a loan faster, eating healthier to save money and knowing that your future is safer because you bought a car you love that you needed.

Everyone Gets a Second Chance. Happy New Year!

FGM-Lenore: New Year’s … you get to start all over


I remember sitting in the movie theatre with my mom and grandma watching Forrest Gump. I’ve never forgotten this line.

At midnight we all get another chance. Let’s start over another 12 months and make decisions, choices, set new goals or change a path that will conquer an obstacle. Whether we want it, feel we deserve it, or are ready for it, our second chance is coming.

1. What will you do differently in 2017?
2. Will you trade __________ time for project time?
3. Will you forgive that person who hurt you?
4. Will you forgive yourself and change your focus?
5. Will you change the course of your life by focusing on different thoughts and see how life changes around you?

Here’s my list:

1. Create the Bin-It Process Book
2. Sell my packages on my website
3. Practice my Bin-It Processes so I can teach YOU!
4. Read more and apply the knowledge
5. Build my network and my Shearly Organized Team.

Happy New Year 2017!

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