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About 30 days ago Mitch Mitchell posted a challenge to blog each day for a month. I accepted it. There are some challenges I am really good at sticking with: meeting work goals, going to the gym; it helps that we live 100 feet from the gym. There are others that I struggle with: paying a large bill, asking someone for help, creating a spreadsheet for our taxes (it’s been on my list for a couple of weeks).

There were a few nights my husband had to remind me to blog  and there were a few nights that I  said, “what do I write about?, I’ve got nothing’.”

I started writing a story in the first few posts. The challenge won. I wasn’t sure how to finish it; a professional organizer must go through her sister’s belongings. The sister is a hoarder.

I love that I wrote my Top 10 Organizing Tips last night. I grew up in a loving and cluttered household. I’ll never live in clutter. I made this decision a long time ago. I know that I love helping people [I’m great at it in my day sales job]. Some day (I’m still waiting on an assigned date from the universe) I am going to change others’ lives by helping them de-clutter. I may not be the one to save or change my mother’s ways, but I can change your life is some small way.

My name is Jenny and I am Shearly Organized. Thank you Mitch for reading.

My top 10

10. If not used in 3-6 months, goodbye!

9. Baskets & containers hold items, surfaces do not.

8. Donate unneeded, unused, unwanted.

7. Toss trash, clear off the shelf, wipe the shelf off, only the necessities return.

6. Label it or record its address to remind yourself.

5. Put it back where you found it!

4. Review your closet contents in Spring.

3. File review in January and July.

2. Have an inbox and process it each day.

  1. 1 in 1 out rule.

Delayed Decision, Cousin of Clutter

I recently saw on Twitter that a delayed decision is the cousin of Clutter.

What things are we putting off? Are we putting them off because we don’t have the money, we don’t have the skills, we don’t have the time or energy?

An exercise to answer these questions is take one minute and write down a list of five steps that will answer one of these questions.

Often once we complete the dreaded task we realize it wasn’t as bad as we thought. We just delayed the decision because we couldn’t imagine it completed.



Tomorrow I’m swiping my side of the desk off and into a bin. I’m processing each and every item in the bin.

I’ll go through some e-mail and delete the ones I no longer need.

I’ll e-mail a thank you to the man who sold me my car; he sent me cookies in the mail and I appreciated the surprise of the cookies.

I’ll gather our tax information and create a spreadsheet to send off to the accountant.

Lastly I’ll go buy the black and white socks that I am needing for work.

*Be mindful of what needs your attention*Be aware of the distractions that lurk in your midst*What can wait?*What cannot wait?*What tasks matter the most to you?*

Find humor in each day

I was at work when a father and daughter came in to the depot location.  The father was grabbing brochures and was pleased with himself with the information he was finding.  He picked up three of something and exclaimed “it’s so good when you have three of something.”

Without missing a beat his daughter responded “not if you’re Goldilocks.”

I giggled at the cuteness of the statement and the reminder of always having a reason to laugh each day.

5 organizing tips

5. Ask an item what its purpose is. If it doesn’t answer you, you have the answer.

4. Store it in a container and Label the container.

3. Can be completed in < 2 minutes, DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW, DO IT NOW!

2. When you’re about to delay making a decision, ask yourself why the delay? What would your future self say about your choice to delay?

  1. The one-in-one out rule.

E-mail Organization

Today with my husband’s help I deleted one of my e-mail accounts. It was part of a Valentine’s Day gift. He hangs out with me while I delete e-mail.

I like tangible things. Things I can touch, move around with my hands. E-mail is a struggle for me. I never feel I have the time to read the message of an e-mail, especially if it has something to do with organization. I want to store the organizing information instead of learning it and using it – ooo that’s a good aha moment for me!

I liked the strategy I used today. We started at the oldest e-mail and I selected everything. I un-clicked the emails that needed to survive the purge. I went from 564 e-mails to 65.

Start with the trash and get rid of it.

Do you need to respond to it or schedule it?

Star it * only if you are 100% returning to it in the next 24-48 hours. Rinse and repeat.

I’m working on changing my delayed-decision making. I’ll come back to it and then I never do.

I am Shearly Organized one e-mail at a time.

I’ve been asking….

Myself and the universe what kind of business Shearly Organized is supposed to be?

I have a beautiful logo that I like, I have calling cards.

I keep meditating on this question to see what my subconscious is working on.

I like helping people and I like making spaces clutter-free.

I’m headed off to meditate some more and sleep~ hopeful an answer is received soon.

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