Meet Us

In elementary school, the teacher would create a new seating chart for us to rearrange ourselves in a new spot. We would clean out our desks to prepare for our move. I looked forward to this process, and the fun energy in school would have me rearranging my bedroom furniture and clearing off my desk at home.

At home, I frequently felt I couldn’t clear off the kitchen table without alarming a family member. “Where is the pile of papers that were on the table? Who moved them? They’re important and I’ll lose them if they’re moved.” Plastic bins of paper were temporarily housed under the decorated dining room table and the “clean-up blitz” was an event when relatives were visiting for the holidays or stopped by for a surprise visit.

In 2009, my mom walked through my first house. She was proud of me and before she went home she gave me a clear instruction. “You can either live in clutter or you can choose to always keep your home clean and organized, ready for anyone who stops by.”

I had a wonderful, loving upbringing, even though we lived in clutter. My passion for organizing mixed with my love of helping others was cultivated in me through my early childhood experiences both at school and at home.

I help you identify the excess and clutter in your mind and physical spaces. I will work with you whether you’re near or far (in a virtual setting). Through my coaching skills and our teamwork, we invite fresh energy and renewed passion for your present and future life goals and projects. I also help you transition through life events: the expected, unexpected, joyous, challenging, sensitive and growth-producing experiences.

I live in Savannah, Georgia, with my best friend and love of my life, my husband Josh and our sweet black Lab, Rufus. I look forward to meeting you and helping you declutter and transition your life for the better.