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About 30 days ago Mitch Mitchell posted a challenge to blog each day for a month. I accepted it. There are some challenges I am really good at sticking with: meeting work goals, going to the gym; it helps that we live 100 feet from the gym. There are others that I struggle with: paying a large bill, asking someone for help, creating a spreadsheet for our taxes (it’s been on my list for a couple of weeks).

There were a few nights my husband had to remind me to blog  and there were a few nights that I  said, “what do I write about?, I’ve got nothing’.”

I started writing a story in the first few posts. The challenge won. I wasn’t sure how to finish it; a professional organizer must go through her sister’s belongings. The sister is a hoarder.

I love that I wrote my Top 10 Organizing Tips last night. I grew up in a loving and cluttered household. I’ll never live in clutter. I made this decision a long time ago. I know that I love helping people [I’m great at it in my day sales job]. Some day (I’m still waiting on an assigned date from the universe) I am going to change others’ lives by helping them de-clutter. I may not be the one to save or change my mother’s ways, but I can change your life is some small way.

My name is Jenny and I am Shearly Organized. Thank you Mitch for reading.

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