Looking for gratefulness

When things don’t go the way we expected.

When the person we thought would respond one way, responds the opposite way.

When the things we worry about make us laugh in the end.

Step back a moment. What aspect are you grateful for? What did you learn about yourself? What did the person teach you? What made you laugh? What had to happen for the next 3 awesome things to take place?


Bowling Alleys

Bowling alleys. Laughter and clapping frequently heard accompanied by bowling balls being rolled in various styles, at varying speeds down wooden lanes.

For some it doesn’t matter how skilled you are, it’s a fun reason to laugh, cheer, and take out some aggression on heavy white pins.

For others it’s competition the whole way. Aim for the strike, knock down those last 2 pins.

I met the love of my life in a bowling alley. I’ve always loved bowling and some day I’ll get my 300 game (all strikes).

Valentine’s Day everyday

Feeling a bit of writer’s block – or just not ready to proceed with my story tonight.

Valentine’s Day is about a week and a half away.

It’s not too late to make the dinner reservation or plan what you’ll get your sweetheart as an “I love you.”

But let’s tackle something here: what if the other 364 days a year you remind those you love and care about (in your own unique way) how much they mean to you. A weekly phone call or a nice note. A lunch date or a “tell me about something you’re working on, while I listen and turn my phone off.”

Be someone who doesn’t need a holiday or reason to say how much you care and value the ones you love.

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