Find something good in the unpleasant

Is there someone you don’t like? Someone who drives you crazy? Someone who knows how to change the feeling of the oxygen you breathe into heavy air or who makes you feel uncomfortable just by walking past you?

Fill the space in your mind with something else when they’re around.

Mentally find 1 thing, 1 very small almost molecular thing about them that you like or admire. Silently compliment them on it.


I am change

I am someone who easily says, “I want to change x or y in life.” I’m a good sayer. After I say something, the next step is “okay, what’s your action plan?”


This means I actually have to act on it so then I can say I did it, I accomplished it, I’ve completed it.

I like to write promises and plans out. The paper to pen connection.

I am changing how I view discipline. Discipline is exercising more, turning off electronics, focusing on my search within myself for answers and being asleep by 10pm.

I am more mindful of what’s important to me and how my choices affect my emotional responses.

The Universe Answered

I’m currently enrolled in a life-changing course referred to as Master Key Mastermind Alliance.

The amazing, once-in-a-lifetime personal event is in May. When I first heard about it I mentioned it to my husband; I was seeking permission that we could afford it, though I was honestly unsure if it would be right for me and if I was worthy of attending it.

I held off registering and kept my interest subdued.

And then I got an e-mail. There was still space available.

I woke up and registered, I was feeling excited and impulsive. I marketed the trip to my husband as a beautiful honeymoon before or after the event took place.

And then I doubted my decision…because…I needed to buy a new car. How was I going to pull this off? I don’t like spending money, I haven’t figured out why yet. I can spend money on date night and Amazon purchases sometimes, but not on extravagant things.

This morning I woke up re-considering the whole decision process and feeling selfish.

And then the Universe sent me a message. I received a fantastic guidebook about the destination in May.

We’re going. We are supposed to go. It’s supposed to happen.

When you don’t know what to do, ask for information, then be willing and prepared to listen.

I eavesdropped today and I loved it

There are two forms of eavesdropping.

  1. Listening in because you’re nosy and needing gossip material. This is the negative eavesdropping that I don’t recommend participating in. It leaves a bad taste in everyone’s mouth. If you were supposed to be part of the conversation, you’d be included.

2. The positive kind is when you’re learning something wonderful that helps you in life.

Here’s what I eavesdropped on today:

  1. Clear your chakras ~ If something is bothering you so much so that you start to feel physically ill and the doctor can’t find what’s wrong, consider your energy levels within your body. Here’s how to clear your chakras.
  2. Meditate ~ It clears your mind. If you cannot sit still, then you need to learn to like a starving man needs to eat. Be patient with yourself. Count your breaths, or visualize a simple scene. Quiet your mind for minutes each day.
  3. We must heal ourselves before we can present ourselves to someone in reunion. We heal ourselves through physical activity, learning new skills, positive distraction, spiritual healing, nutritional healing, changing our thought patterns, learning to live in the moment.
  4. Ask yourself today who you want to be and how you want to be different in 7 months? Once you have the answer, practice numbers 1-3.
  5. Do the work, rinse and repeat.

My reasons why

The question I asked myself is “When will I move forward in creating my organizing business?”

Here are my answers in a positive-thinking tone:

  1. I like organization and I like teaching people. I am still waiting to give myself permission to practice establishing systems that work for all learning styles.
  2. I am working on my self-confidence to create a beautiful marketing campaign that promotes my business and my skills.
  3. I am trying to mentally prepare myself to pay the money to complete the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) so I can teach what I have learned.
  4. I am working hard to master my positive focus forward thinking imagining I am a wealthy person living her passion every day.
  5. I really want to ask a professional organizer to allow me to watch them work on a project.

5 Ways to Change Your Story

  1. Be Grateful. Be grateful for the pain you’re going through. It means you feel something. You can say something such as, “I don’t know,” but play around and add to it, “but I will know soon.”
  2. What will immediately change your mood for the better? Good food, a forced laugh, a haircut, comfortable footwear?
  3. We are always growing and maturing. Even when everything seems to be going wrong, the ones who know us best will tell us the truth. The truth is disinfectant before the wound starts to heal. 
  4. No one owns you. No one is in charge of you. No one can change you. No one can save you. No one can keep you out (though politically they may try – this blog isn’t about that) and no one can save you, except to ALL of these, YOU! You own yourself, you’re in charge of your actions and choices, you change yourself when you’re ready. Be your own hero, only go there as a refreshed, wiser, better person. 
  5. Forgive. Write the angry letter. Read it and let your emotions out. Then destroy it/burn it. Remember the happy times and say thank you for them. Send peace and healing. Clear away the negative to make room for the positive, freshness that is anxiously waiting to meet you!
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