Everyone Gets a Second Chance. Happy New Year!

FGM-Lenore: New Year’s … you get to start all over


I remember sitting in the movie theatre with my mom and grandma watching Forrest Gump. I’ve never forgotten this line.

At midnight we all get another chance. Let’s start over another 12 months and make decisions, choices, set new goals or change a path that will conquer an obstacle. Whether we want it, feel we deserve it, or are ready for it, our second chance is coming.

1. What will you do differently in 2017?
2. Will you trade __________ time for project time?
3. Will you forgive that person who hurt you?
4. Will you forgive yourself and change your focus?
5. Will you change the course of your life by focusing on different thoughts and see how life changes around you?

Here’s my list:

1. Create the Bin-It Process Book
2. Sell my packages on my website
3. Practice my Bin-It Processes so I can teach YOU!
4. Read more and apply the knowledge
5. Build my network and my Shearly Organized Team.

Happy New Year 2017!